QuanTaichi: A Compiler for Quantized Simulations

Simulate more with less memory, using a quantization compiler.

PlasticineLab: A Soft-Body Manipulation Benchmark with Differentiable Physics

A virtual environment for **differentiable elastoplastic** soft object manipulation.

Taichi: A Language for High-Performance Computation on Spatially Sparse Data Structures

A data-oriented programming language and compiler for compute-intense visual computing workloads, especially those needing **spatially sparse data structures**.

Learning-In-The-Loop Optimization: End-To-End Control And Co-Design of Soft Robots Through Learned Deep Latent Representations

Deep learning control and state representation simultaneously for soft robots.

ChainQueen: A Real-Time Differentiable Physical Simulator for Soft Robotics

The first differentiable MLS-MPM simulator.

The ChainQueen Differentiable Physics Engine

MIT-thesis version of [ChainQueen](publication/2019-chainqueen)

Narrow-Band Topology Optimization on a Sparsely Populated Grid

High-performance giga-voxel FEM solver for topology optimization on a narrow-band, sparse grid data structure.

Deep Multispectral Painting Reproduction via Multi-layer, Custom-Ink Printing

Use deep learning to generate faithful spectral color reproduction for 3D printing.

Exposure: A White-Box Photo Post-Processing Framework

Differentiable photo-editing model with RL and GANs.

A Moving Least Squares Material Point Method with Displacement Discontinuity and Two-Way Rigid Body Coupling

The moving least squares material point method (MLS-MPM) that runs fast fast and is easy to implement.