A Moving Least Squares Material Point Method with Displacement Discontinuity and Two-Way Rigid Body Coupling


In this paper, we introduce the Moving Least Squares Material Point Method(MLS-MPM). MLS-MPM naturally leads to the formulation of Affine Particle-In-Cell (APIC) and Polynomial Particle-In-Cell in a way that is consistent with a Galerkin-style weak form discretization of the governing equations. Additionally, it enables a new stress divergence discretization that effortlessly allows all MPM simulations to run two times faster than before. We also develop a Compatible Particle-In-Cell(CPIC) algorithm on top of MLS-MPM. Utilizing a colored distance field representation and a novel compatibility condition for particles and grid nodes, our framework enables the simulation of various new phenomena that are not previously supported by MPM, including material cutting, dynamic openboundaries, and two-way coupling with rigid bodies. MLS-MPM with CPICis easy to implement and friendly to performance optimization.



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Yuanming Hu
Yuanming Hu